Most Viewed Sporting Event

For hundreds of years, sporting events have attracted and united people all over the world. Impressions, emotions, energy - this is what so attracts the audience; the thirst for victory is what the contestants so much want. That is why top 10 most watched sporting events worldwide became the impetus for creating slots that are attached to sporting events, which are in great demand among fans of gambling.


In modern gambling the following world sports events are reflected:


  1. Olympic Games - it is unlikely that Zeus and the other gods of ancient Greece assumed that the Olympic Games would become a global event. In the XIX century, the tradition of competition was revived by the French public figure Pierre de Coubertin, who sought to improve the physical culture of the French and at the same time foster international understanding of the "youth of the world." Since 1994, the Olympic Games have been held once every two years, while alternating between summer and winter seasons. More than two weeks, athletes from different countries compete in various sports. The total number of sports disciplines are 98;
  2. Football World Cup - there are only 32 teams among the participants, but every 4 years millions of people from all over the world give up their business for a month to see contenders for the title of World Champion in football. Teams participating in the World Cup final are selected for 3 years before the start of this event. This tournament tournaments, which are the best of the best from all over the world. It is during the final games that the real fight begins. During the first round, each team spends 3 games with rivals in their group. For each victory, 3 points are awarded, for a draw, 1, and for a loss, 0. Then the two best teams from each group meet first in the quarterfinal games, and then in the semi-finals. The final chord is the final match. All this time, fans' attention is focused on matches and the festive atmosphere prevailing in the stands. Beginning with the first World Championship held in 1958, the most outstanding team was the Brazilian national team, headed, perhaps, by the most famous footballer in history - Pele;
  3. Tennis tournament "Wimbledon" - central Court. Grass cover. Strawberries with cream. What could be better than a couple of similar weeks in Old London? Wimbledon Tournament in the English Tennis and Cricket Club. Held in the south of London, this grand spectacle is one of four tournaments that make up the Grand Slam. Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious, mainly due to the attention and pump that accompany its implementation. This is the only tournament held on a natural earth surface. Wimbledon has taken a prominent place in the history of tennis, and its contribution to the development of this sport can not be overestimated. Born in the 12th century in France, this sport took on a modern look in Britain in the 19th century. In 1874, Walter Wingfield patented his game and three years later, Wimbledon appeared, the first among the major tennis tournaments. The winner of the tournament becomes number 1 in the world of tennis;
  4. Formula 1 - speed, sound and thirst for victory! The desire to find out the limits of the possible has constantly pursued humanity, forcing us to approach the established technologies and time limits for the sake of one single goal: “Overcome them!”. Formula 1 - auto racing, which has become a spectacular attraction, demonstrating the capabilities of cars and identifying the shortcomings of their designs. This is a race that allows you to try out new technological solutions in “combat conditions” and advertise the best automakers. Formula 1 annually collects millions of fans near the TV, with bated hearts watching, as their favorite car at high speed rushes to the finish, leaving behind competitors. The status of Formula 1 is primarily due to automakers, embodying in their cars the most advanced technology of its time, uncompromising quality and reliability, which allows us to declare that the most advanced cars in the world are on the track!;
  5. National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals - the finals of the National Basketball Association have for many years been a platform for the fame of individual players and entire teams. 4 games are enough to win, but at least 93 meetings will be required to participate in the Championship. Those who succeed, rightly become famous. Movie stars in the first row of the stands. Fans, like dancers from Las Vegas. The spectacle in the stands is no less exciting than the game on the field. Over the past four decades, professional basketball has changed dramatically. The only thing that remains the same is the main prize - the right to bear the name of the World Champion;
  6. Golf Masters Tournament (Masters) - Green jacket. These two words are enough. The brainchild of two legends, Bob Jones and Clifford Roberts, the first ever Masters tournament, took place in 1934 in America. Unlike other sports championships, Masters remains true to its traditions and demonstrates an enviable continuity. This match is not so easy to get even as a spectator - long-term subscriptions are inherited from generation to generation. The tournament is held every April at Augusta Field in Georgia;
  7. The Grand National - endurance and speed turn the Grand National obstacle race into the most famous race in the world. The three-day competition, held at the British racetrack Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, was first held in 1839. 40 riders and 7 kilometers of run with obstacles. Real skill is required from horses and their owners to overcome all obstacles prepared by the organizers with honor. In total, you need to jump 30 fences, as well as 6 foot moat. After overcoming the final obstacle, the horse becomes the winner, having first overcome the finishing line of the 451-meter race. Grand National horse races are held every April and are the most popular sport discipline among the British, gathering 26,000 spectators;
  8. 24 hours Le Mans - the race is organized by the Western Automobile Club (Fr. Automobile Club de l’Ouest, ACO), which is the largest automobile club in France. It was founded by enthusiastic racers in 1906. Skill, speed and endurance - these definitions characterize the best automobile race of the world - 24 hours of Le Mans. This competition combines past and present. The competition is held on the highway Sarta near the town of Le Mans, standing on the river Sarta. About 46 cars start in several classes, including specially built prototypes, racing and civilian versions. Diversity is defined by a mixture of classic and modern participants. The winner is the participant who traveled the greatest distance in the allotted 24 hours. During this time, 3 drivers take turns in each team. The first 24 hours of Le Mans took place in May 1923. Now the race is held annually in June. Start occurs at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and in the next 24 hours the surroundings are filled with the sound of roaring engines;
  9. British Polo Day Polo Tournament - a series of tournaments in horse polo with a truly English restraint and aristocracy, held in different countries of the world. Among them: Singapore, China, Mexico, India, Thailand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, France, Russia and others. The polo tradition originated hundreds of centuries ago in Persia and China, but it was the British who presented the modern version of the game to the world. The officers of the British Cavalry Regiment traveled to different corners of the earth and spread it from Argentina to Australia. The main goal of the game is to score a goal in the opponent’s seven-meter gate, and after each goal the teams change the gate. British polo is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. British Polo Day gathers the best players and secular fans from different countries - over the last year, 12 royal families and more than 10,000 selected guests visited the event.
  10. Rugby World Cup - Rugby, originated in an English private school, at the beginning of the XIX century and rose to the level of sport, which is a priority in many countries around the world. Rugby is a hugely popular sport in all parts of the UK, Ireland, France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and even Argentina. The most prestigious competition in the world of rugby is considered to be the World Cup, which has been held since 1987, once every four years. The winning team is awarded the Webb Ellis Cup.



There are a lot of sports machines in online casinos. There are both comic, and quite realistic, dedicated to real sports disciplines. Pay your attention to the following video slots:

  • Shoot or Goal. This slot machine is dedicated to football - one of the most popular sports. Moreover, his main subject is a goal, throwing the ball into the opponent's goal in order to get a point and win. That goal makes the game so spectacular and interesting. All this is reflected in the gaming process of the machine. The device will give you good payouts, the ability to start free spins, bonus rounds with special prizes and double payout functions;
  • Football Star. Another football gaming machine online casino. He is already dedicated more to the game itself with all its aspects: teams, championships, star athletes, and so on. The principle of the game is identical, so you quickly get comfortable. Online boasts the following set: 5 reels, 243 active bet lines, scatter symbol, Wild, free spins feature, automatic play;
  • Tennis Game. Sports gaming machines online is not only football. There are also slots about tennis. Microgaming has created a bright and dynamic device with its own twist. The atmosphere of tension and success is conveyed in detail. Beautiful images of balls, rackets and athletes add dynamics. You can improve the results of the game with the help of multipliers and special symbols. For bets you have 5 reels and 20 lines. Do not forget about free spins, bonus rounds and other nice additions.

Of course, all these sports devices can be played for free and without registration. Excellent opportunity to practice and master the management, without spending a cent.